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Since their inception in 2013, Imperfect Orchestra have composed and performed six original film soundtracks: Relic (2016) in collaboration with Katy Richardson, Home (2013), Tamar (2015) & Secrets of the Universe (2017), with filmmaker and co-founder of Imperfect Cinema Dr Allister Gall, a new score for Battleship Potemkin (2017),

Metamorphosis (the first full Imperfect Orchestra production with Chris Muirhead directing). They have also scored a wild swimming event (Plymphony) in collaboration with artist - Shannon Watson and even created a performance as a reaction to a conference.
Been part of a memorial to the late Susumu Yokota, and performed with Diniwe and the Hadedas.
In that time, they have developed a working philosophy based around a celebration of the amateur, participatory practice, experimentation with instruments and constructing or subverting objects into their ensemble that make them a community project as well as a creative outlet for all involved. 
The group always compose collaboratively and this is then embellished through collective involvement. Beginning by discussing themes and style, the music takes shape often in abstract and unusual forms, before writing and recording sessions in the rehearsal room help to shape it into the finished ‘imperfect score’. Imperfect Orchestra do not read or write music in a traditional sense and generally come from predominantly punk and alternative music backgrounds.