Battleship Potemkin: Rescore (1925 & 2017)

The arts institute ~ plymouth university

11 november 2017

"Battleship Potemkin was commissioned by the Soviet “Central Executive Committee” to celebrate the 1905 uprising on its titular battleship, as well as to portray the events’ role as a catalyst for the Russian revolution. Sergei Eisenstein was drafted in to direct and his fascination with montage and experimentation created a film that has widely been described as a masterpiece and astonishingly ahead of its time. Eisenstein hoped that the film would be rescored every 20 years, and the film has seen various treatments from all sorts of artists and musicians. More than 90 years after its initial screening, The Imperfect Orchestra were commissioned by Peninsula Arts to offer their interpretation of the movie.


Alongside the standards of piano, guitar, percussion and glockenspiel, new members to the project have brought violin and viola, oscillator, synthesizer, clarinet, brass as well as a small choir to the group. The invitation has attracted people who have previously only been audience members at music events. In some cases, it has attracted people who have never sung publicly before, and has also invigorated others to pick up instruments they haven’t played for many years. The point of this collaborative approach to music making is about creating links across musical genres and hopefully aiding in musical dialogues across the City."

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The Imperfect Orchestra

Chris Bailey

Chris Muirhead

Jay Newton

Tom Richardson


Georgia Simone

Ieuan Jones


Shane McKenna

Cathy McCabe

Rose Babichev


Sian Lowry

Sam Schofield

Rob Congdon



Alex Miranda

Clare Bower

Jane Richardson

Sue Willis 

Sally Geraghty