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As a participant of Immersive Orchestra, you are invited to enter Plymouth Sound to swim at your leisure whilst being soundtracked by the Imperfect Orchestra's participatory ensemble of guitars. You will 'conduct' the performance of guitars as your strokes in the water informs the pace of the music, and the number of swimmers effects playing dynamics.


Experienced swimmer? Or just love being in the water?


Anyone is invited to take part. There will be a lifeguard present throughout the performance, however you are reminded to be responsible in the water and know your own limits. Those who do not feel confident swimming in open water are invited to join in by splashing and paddling on the shoreline.


In order to conduct the music, swimmers will be split into three groups of mixed abilities, each will enter the water at staggered times. Having some experienced swimmers doing lengths, whilst others are paddling near the shore, will make the playing dynamics interesting.  


All swimmers are asked to arrive on the 30th September at the beach on Plymouth Hoe at 12pm (See image below). From here you will be split into three groups, these will be posted on this page prior to the day. The groups are fairly relaxed and you are welcome to switch if you wish. We are anticipating each group of swimmers will be in the water for around 15 minutes, however you are welcome to leave the water whenever you wish. 




Swimmers assemble here 


12pm- All swimmers to arrive

12:30pm- First group enter the water

12:45pm: Second group enter the water

1pm- Third group enter the water

1:30pm- Begin to wrap up



Key details:

  • Stewards in high vis jackets will be present, any queries don't hesitate to ask!


  • Children are welcome to join but must be accompanied at all times

  • A qualified lifeguard will be present

  • All swimmers to arrive for 12pm

  • Weather is not guaranteed and the water may be a little cold so please bring a warm change of clothes for when you get out


Some advice  from The Outdoor Swimming Society (worth a read)


How to warm up safely

6 tips for cold water swimming