The arts institute ~ plymouth university

24 november 2018

The Imperfect Orchestra's first full self-production, a modern re-imagining of Kafka's Die Verwandlung ~ ‘The Metamorphosis’ ~ is a silent movie, directed by one of IO's co-founders, with a score written and performed by The Imperfect Orchestra. A reimagining of Kafka’s most famous story, it plays out as a psychological horror that explores our perceptions of ourselves and how we are perceived by others in and out of the digital car parks in which we currently spend so much time. The film and music offer a dark subterranean fairground of differing styles, ghostly and uncanny, where time no longer has any meaning ~ fear and loathing in Brexitannia.


IO Members:

Rosemary Babichev

Shaun Lewin  

Shane Mckenna   

Chris Muirhead  

Tom Richardson  

Georgia Simone

Further credits and more info can be found here:


Photo Credit: Laura Harris