Plymphony No.1 In Sea // Immersive Orchestra

plymouth art weekender ~ hoe foreshore

30 September 2018

Plymouth Hoe Foreshore - where Immersive Orchestra will take place.

As part of the Plymouth Art Weekender 2018 and The Atlantic Project, Imperfect Orchestra will be undertook one of their largest projects in collaboration with artist Shannon Leah Watson. Immersive Orchestra was a live performance between dozens of musicians of all abilities and scores of wild swimmers that entered Plymouth Sound to swim at their leisure whilst being soundtracked by the Imperfect Orchestra's participatory ensemble of guitarists. The wild swimmers acted as 'conductor' to the performance of the minimalist score, composed by IO, as their strokes in the water informed the pace of the music, and the number of swimmers affected the dynamics of the performance. The piece used rhythm, repetition, ebbs and flows, swells and calms, and open C tunings encapsulated in a range of musical motifs of different skill levels for collaborative playing.