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Daylight Music 319: Yokota

Union Chapel ~ London

26 October 2019

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The Imperfect Orchestra were delighted to have been commissioned by Lo Recordings to perform brand new music based on the work of Susumu Yokota at a Daylight Music Concert at Union Chapel, London as part of a memorial event celebrating the late composers life, and prolific output.

For this commission, Imperfect Orchestra explored specific elements from the work of Susumu Yokota and developed it into an eclectic live performance that creates a narrative exploring some of the themes that were important to his life and his work; including sampling and resampling audio, gamelan, ambience, found sounds and field recordings, Buddhism and electronica.


Alongside guitar, glockenspiel, keyboard and percussion, this 5 piece iteration of The Imperfect Orchestra used singing bowl, heavily affected vocals, a handmade box dulcimer, and gongs & bells to develop their soundscape.

Members: Jodie Saunders / Chris Bailey / Georgia Simone / Tom Richardson / Chris Muirhead

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All photos by Michael Jones & paul hudson //

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