Performed 10/10/2014

The Imperfect Orchestra's second collaboration with Allister Gall, Tamar was commissioned by The River Project

Tamar is a 30 minute film commissioned by the River Tamar Project, directed by Allister Gall. The film combines original footage shot by Russell Cleave, Richard Gorman and Allister Gall, footage shot by children and original footage from the Claude Endicott archive supplied by SWFTA. Claude Endicott was a butcher who filmed life in and around Plymouth from the 1920s to the mid 1960s. Historical events are mixed with his love of all things modern as we see the times change through his lens, including the building of the Tamar Bridge. 

The Imperfect Orchestra

Tom Richardson

Chris Muirhead

Drew Turner

Luke Richards

Angelique Kergosien 

Vicky Butterfield

Cyrus Eskandary

Photo Credits

B&W Rehearsals - Laura Harris

B&W Performance - Dom Moore

Colour - The Herald


Allister Gall


Russell Cleave

Richard Gorman