You Are Welcome Here



You Are Welcome Here is a city-wide collaborative music project to enhance international and cultural inclusivity within The Imperfect Orchestra and the wider music community in Plymouth. 

Throughout 2020, The Imperfect Orchestra is facilitating a series of international music nights and online events in Plymouth as part of a larger project. These events are completely free and open access for people to share their culture, to come and play music from around the world and, to learn about new music from each other. 

We want to highlight and celebrate the cultural diversity from around the world that exists within our city - to share it, embrace it and learn from it. We want to share the Imperfect Orchestra platform and to help create new music that reflects the vibrant nature of our home. 

In order to do this, we are inviting musicians and people interested in music who have come from all around the world to make Plymouth their home to join us throughout the year and to be a part of The Imperfect Orchestra. Anybody is welcome, from people who have never picked up an instrument or sung before, to professional musicians. 

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How can you get involved during the Coronavirus Crisis?

Imperfect Orchestra is welcoming people from around the world who love music and who now call Plymouth home to send us a recording of any music, poetry or spoken word that makes you think of 'home'. This could be:

  • Music from your country or place of birth

  • A poem you have written about living in Plymouth

  • A song that makes you think of home, wherever that may be

  • Any other audio artefect you can think of that means 'home' to you

And please tell us as much as you want to about what you send us!

You can record your sounds on your smartphone/laptop/tablet using a voice recorder app or the camera. If you have better quality recording software then you can use that too. If you have neither, please send us an email as we may be able to help.

Once you have your recording, click the blue box below to submit. This is the easiest way to send something to us. You will need a Google account (or set one up) to send us your files this way.


If you have a file type that you cannot send in the form, or you don't have a Google account, then you can either:

  • Upload it to YouTube and share a link  

  • Email it to us directly (maximum size 50mb)

  • Send it via a file transfer service such as Wetransfer or Send-Anywhere

The address is: 

Write "YOU ARE WELCOME HERE - SUBMISSIONS" in the subject line. 

What will we do with these files?

We will use the files as inspiration for developing new music and will invite everyone who submits to be a part of Imperfect Orchestra. In collaboration with you, Imperfect Orchestra will start to develop a 'soundtrack' of what Home means to us all. We will invite you to join us online for listening parties, video chats, to share ideas and to talk about music, culture and 'Home'. 

We had planned to start this part by meeting people and getting to know each other in person, but we're trying to adapt as best we can. As soon as we are able - and it is safe to do so - we will rearrange the live music nights we had originally planned!

"You Are Welcome Here" has been funded by Mayflower 400 Community Sparks Fund.

For more information, visit